A vast majority of total revenues for Google parent company Alphabet comes from advertising more than 70% as of 2020. Over 83% of Americans own smartphones. Digital advertising has an ROI four-time greater than traditional advertising. A company without a digital marketing campaign is effectively invisible among the millions of choices for consumers.

Marketing is the lifeblood of all successful businesses in the 21st century. Companies are beginning to recognize this phenomenon. The average company spent 12% of its revenue on marketing in 2017, with some larger firms spending upwards of 20% on marketing. Smaller firms do not have in-house personnel to dedicate the necessary time to create effective marketing campaigns. That’s where we come in.

Reaching your audience

An effective digital marketing campaign has defined goals. Some campaigns center around social media engagements and are measured by the number of “likes” and shares. Others campaigns aim to attract leads that will ultimately turn into sales. Virtually all campaigns aim to gain influence in your industry, whether through increasing social media followers, raising Google rankings, or being referenced as a thought leader via link building.

Gonzo MKT specializes in personalized digital marketing for your brand. We analyze data from your The Gonzo MKT Marketing and Personality Assessmentâ„¢ and tailor your digital marketing strategy based on the result. Our digital marketing specialists create buyer personas – the hypothetical ideal customer for your company. We define your target demographic and reach them in accordance to both your company culture and data analysis.

Effective digital marketing campaigns are only possible by creating productive, meaningful relationships with clients. Business owners focus time on other aspects of the company, while Gonzo MKT handles all their online advertising needs. Professional results and world-class customer service are expected and consistently delivered to each of our clients.