The best brands across the globe all have one thing in common – great content. Every year, marketing agencies ask companies about their commitments to content and delivering it to their customers. Companies that invest in content continually show sustained or increased profits. A well-designed website is ultimately invisible to both search engines and potential customers without high-quality content.

Content creation and strategy

Google is essentially the sole authority online that makes or breaks companies. Gonzo MKT content strategists and writers keep abreast on Google algorithm updates, changes and additions. Originality remains the most important aspect of high-ranking content. Plagiarism, keyword stuffing and blackout SEO are violations that cause Google to de-index your website completely or punish it by lowering its SERP positioning.

Gonzo MKT content strategists are professional journalists, researchers, editors and copywriters. We match our clients with content creators that fit their overall brand and culture, to ensure accurate voice and tone. Our content creators analyze the data gathered from the The Gonzo MKT Marketing and Personality Assessmentâ„¢ and tailor your content accordingly.

We believe in actionable content whether it’s conveyed via blogging, email marketing, video, podcasts, e-books, infographics or social media. Consumers should get information they can apply to real-life situations and provides assurances for their current and future behaviors.

Invest in content

Statistics continually show that consumers read blogs, listen to podcasts, read e-books, etc. before making a purchase. The ROI for content marketing is unquestioned. Seven in 10 marketing professionals say they can demonstrate tangible return on investment from content marketing.

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