There are over 4.5 million apps available for download. Add yours to the growing library.

Data analytics firm App Annie estimates that over 592 million mobile apps are downloaded each day in 2020. Further, more than half (52%) of all website visits were done from a mobile device just one year ago. That number is continually growing as smartphones and tablets saturate the market.

It behooves every business owner who values customer retention and acquisition, brand dissemination, and higher profits to develop and publish apps in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Android owns a 75% market share for mobile operating systems. Apple and Android account for 99% of mobile OS. Mobile apps not only distinguish your brand from the competition, but also builds customer loyalty and creates a direct marketing channel to your customers.

The Gonzo MKT Marketing and Personality Assessmentâ„¢ provides our app developers insights as to your tendencies and viewpoints on marketing. We design mobile apps to maximize customer retention, promote consumer engagement, and provide tangible value to your client base.

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