Gonzo MKT is the premier content marketing and web development firm for small and medium-sized companies. We differentiate ourselves from the large marketing house by providing personalized service for our clients who range from sole proprietors to companies with 1,000 employees.

Gonzo MKT is based in Houston, Texas and serves clients throughout the great state of Texas and the United States at-large.

Our Process

Marketing should always focus more on customer retention than acquisition. Numerous studies show that new customer acquisition is not only five times more expensive than retention, but also retention increases overall profits for companies.

The Gonzo MKT Marketing and Personality Assessmentâ„¢ measures your attitudes to determine the type of consumers who become long-term clients and customers versus one-time buyers. Our goal is to match your customer base with your brand (attitudes, culture, etc.) to create long-lasting relationships with your customer base. Your content, website design, social media strategy, and email marketing are all developed based on the data points derived from the assessment.

We specialize in content marketing, web design and social media management. Our team also does app development on both the Android and iOS platforms, along with providing e-Commerce and CRM solutions.

Let’s get started

Our agents are available to discuss your content marketing and web design needs. Please visit our contact page for more information.